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Warning & our Cancellation (New Coronavirus-related)

16 February, 2020
Dear Visitor,

As we look at what the New Coronavirus has done and will still do from now on globally with no end in sight, OSGG now feel it necessary and safe to cancel tours we and you planned together. We also feel it appropriate not to accept any new tour requests until such time as OSGG could see no danger. We feel sorry for any inconvenience it would certainly cause you. But please understand it is not only for OSGG guides’ health but for your sake as well.  

Alternatively you have other sources of tourism-related information such as OSAKA INFO webpage, your hotel concierge and, should you be in Namba area on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, Osaka Volunteers for Tourist with distinctive blue outwear on the street who are there to tell you directions.

You can update yourself about the Coronavirus-related information when you could visit OSAKA INFO emergency webpage

Hope you could still enjoy your days here, even if your tour could not be the same as you and we planned.

All the best!

Naomi Haga, Mr.
Osaka SGG Club

To: Osaka SGG Club

Request Form, Guide/Language Assistance Services


We now request guide/language assistance services, which Osaka SGG Club can provide under the Terms and Conditions as shown in " How to request our Guide/Language Assistance Services ".

1. Your name and contact E-mail address.
Your name: (*)
E-mail: (*)

1-A. Visitor(s) Name (Mr./Ms) (*)

1-B. Visitor(s) Nationality (*)

1-C. Number of Visitor(s) (*)

1-D. Age bracket(ex. under5, 30's, over 70) (*)

1-E. The last date we can reach you at the above E-mail (*)

2. Assistance Service Requested (*)
- Tour guide / Other services *Please specify if any other language services are requested.

3. Language of Service (*)

4. Date of Service & Program
- 4-A Date (*)
(Specify full day, morning or afternoon if you have such preference.)
*We need at least two weeks to find a guide from among our members for you.

- 4-B. Program & Places to Visit (*)

5. Your accommodation in Osaka.
Name: (*)
Address: (*)
Local Japanese Tel: (*)

6. Tell us, if any, of dietary restrictions or physical problems the OSGGer guide should know. (*)

7. Do you mind if an additional OSGGer to come along with OSGGer guides as a trainee/assistant? (*)
(You are not supposed to pay for such a trainee/assistant all these actual expenses which we ask you to pay for the guides.)

Do you agree to all or any of the conditions written in "How to Request our Guide/Language Assistance Services."?

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