See, Hear, Experience What Ordinary Citizens Do..

Naomi Haga President of OSGGNaomi Haga
President of OSGG

The Osaka SGG Club (OSGG) was more than 50% busier during 2015 than 2014. It was the busiest year since we began in 1982. Why?
Just read what the inbound visitors who enjoyed our goodwill guide service liked to tell in their own words.

“We enjoyed it and the stories you told very much as we went to places which we have not been.”
“Your warmth and cheerful personality really made a positive difference in our trip.” “More than just enjoyable , we are most impressed by :your careful planning of our day so that we optimized our time.” “The fun memories we had are re-lived every time we have our get-togethers.” “Through you, we have confirmed our praise and high regard for the people of Japan.” “We all like Kyoto, may be in different aspects. We love Kyoto immensely. It is quite likely that we may come back again.”
“We had a good time and liked very much the "Japanese pizza." The food recommendations you -gave were amazing, and I loved the noodles and the sushi so very much.” “My sister in law with 2 kids also are planning their trip on the second week of April and she is asking me also to help find a guide.”
“I love my trip in Japan and Japanese people were really friendly and helpful. I really appreciate the kind assistance from staffs from the station, the hotel, the shops, people on the street, etc., although they may not familiar with English, all of them tried their best to help.”
“At first I can't believe that there is such thing as helping tourist like us for free ! But you prove me wrong! There really is an organization that existed to help people ( tourists ) like me to buy what we wanted from Japan. In behalf of all tourist in japan, I salute your organization for a job well done. I kept on telling my friends and colleague about your service. They can't believe it too!!

These words are really encouraging for the current 90 plus members of the Osaka SGG Club ( OSGGers) who have come from all walks of life with diverse social and vocational experiences, and are able to show as well as tell the globally varied visitors what to see, eat and buy as ordinary people do locally here. OSGG is also uniquely and conveniently located in Osaka in the Kansai Region of the Western Japan which also includes Kyoto and Nara, the birthplace of Japanese culture and history. The largest concentration of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan is within a day trip from Osaka. All these wonderful things are here for you to see, experience and enjoy with the hospitality any of the members are ready to offer. The OSGGers living in such a fascinating country with unique culture and tradition are eager to share with you what they see through the eyes of ordinary citizens which a conventional tourist finds it difficult to do. Simply write a Request Form to us about what you need and like to do. You will end up as a satisfied visitor as so many of the visitors did before you. The OSGGers also enjoy your company as you give them a lot of knowledge and insight about globally varied cultures. So they are always grateful to you as they meet and talk with you.
Bear in mind that the OSGG goodwill guide service is for no commercial benefit. So any commercially oriented request should go to the professional interpreter guides or tour operators.

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