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Naomi Haga President of OSGGNaomi Haga
President of OSGG

2016 has been another busy year for the 35-year old Osaka SGG Club. Our members were 22% busier than the year before.

Why? Read just few of the comments from the people whom our members toured with.

It was so lovely of all the three of you and the organization that you are in for entertaining us and educating us on Japanese culture and history. Though I think our trip was short, but having you three as our guide made it really fruitful. Our time in Kyoto was splendid - where we wore Japanese Kimonos (thank you Kouichi - I had more than 500 likes on facebook with that). We were blessed to see Maikos at Gion and a Japanese Wedding. Nara was fantabulous with Atsuko it was an eye opener on how rich culture was preserved at Nara. It was very serene. Osaka with Biki was beautiful. We saw the mix of current and old Japan and Kuromon market is amazingly clean. I am lost of the right adjectives to describe how happy we were.
I am amazed on how Japan is so rich in culture and how the country has preserved its beauty. The people are so nice and the food is awesome!!!! My heart is full of thanks and i will recommend visiting Japan to my friends. I will surely come back.

We really appreciated all the work you put in prior to our day with you, to make sure that everything went smoothly for us. Your preparation and research was exceptional. We communicated very well beforehand by email, and the day was exactly as we planned, with great explanations of the history and importance of each landmark we visited.

We all came away with a wonderful impression of Japan, and with plans to visit for longer in the future. You chose an excellent restaurant for lunch, and everybody enjoyed their meal choice. Initially, I was worried that we might get separated in the large busy stations, but you made sure that we all stayed together and even escorted us back to the ship, even though it was later in the evening.

It has been 4 days since we came home from our tour of Osaka and Kyoto, but we still can't get over from the immense joy that we experienced from our first ever travel to Japan. Of course this would not have been possible without the help of your club, the OSGG, with its friendly, patient , and extremely caring tour guides namely Kenji-san, Yuki-san, and Kazuko-san. They were likewise incredibly knowledgeable of Japanese history and culture which they generously shared with us.

We are indeed very lucky to have discovered your club, and we are even luckier that you accepted and considered our request for your services. Your country should be proud of you for sharing your time and effort to a very laudable advocacy such as rendering Free Tour Guide Services to tourists like us.

We really enjoyed the company and had fun talking to each of every one of you , we not only know the history of Japan but also knowing each of your personal lives , your organization ( OSGG ) really is a BIG help for first time tourists visiting Japan , I will highly recommend this organization to my friends.

You managed to skillfully plan a perfect combination of highlights and ordinary experiences, just the right balance for me. It was great to get to know the city through your eyes, and along the way to get to know you a little. Many thanks again, and regards fro Israel, It is good to know that we can so easily communicate with people of distant cultures.

Now what else do you need before you fill out Request Form and book flight to Osaka?

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