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Naomi Haga President of OSGGNaomi Haga
President of OSGG

This is no secret. 2017 has been a little less busy year for the 36-year old Osaka SGG Club. Our members were 6% less busy than the year before.

This is no secret, too. More and more visitors who shared wonderful time with us kept writing us how good our goodwill guides were to them. One of them even learned to say “good morning” in Japanese.
Why not read just few of such comments!

I have a good fun and good idea about Osaka, with your great explanation.
Appreciate your great guide around Osaka and the beers we had!

Ohayo gozaimasu.
Thank you again for your help yesterday. We made it to Nara and back with ease. Nara Park is just beautiful and so unlike anything we have seen before.

Thank you, for your time and efforts, to make our Osaka Day so very special. We are so happy to meet you in person and spend a delightful day together. We appreciate your thoughtfulness to bring us a group gift. We will continue to enjoy your rice crackers tomorrow.

Thanks again for showing me the Kyoto's best places & explaining the history. It was very lovely exploring Kyoto's with you. I wish that I could walk faster with wearing kimonos so I could see more places in Kyoto. I will definitely go back to Kyoto one day!

This experience gave us a great understanding of your beautiful city and we had such a great time . We will recommend your service to our friends.

We learned about each other and my husband even found out that they both enjoy mountain climbing. Visitors to Osaka will be lucky if they have them as their guides. We think we have made two friends now in Osaka.

Your association is a blessing and allows foreigners to have a better understanding and view of a magnificient country and its people. We love Japan and its beautiful people and will be back.

We would like to thank you for the beautiful time we had with you yesterday in Kyoto. We will forever cherish the memory. Marylou sends her thanks for your special birthday gift to her - serenading her with your harmonica. I am also sharing with you below some photos of the beautiful Wisteria in Manyo Garden in Nara.

Muchisimas gracias! Lo hemos pasado genial y hemos aprendido mucho, has sido un gran dia.
Hemos llegado al apartamento de vuelta sin problema. Cuando llegue a Espana, te mando nuestra.
Fotos! Un saludo.

Now what else do you need before you fill out Request Form and book flight to Osaka?

# Useful for you to know to make travel plans.

Cherry blossom: Usually best in the first week of April in Osaka/Kyoto/Nara area, but could be earlier or later depending on the year. Check any of the many “cherry blossom” forecast websites with frequent updates.

Holidays: Extended holiday periods are “Golden Week” end of April and beginning of May as well as New Year holidays end of December and beginning of January. Most of us have family commitments or travel plans making it less easy to find a guide for you.

Sumo: This traditional Japanese wrestling is for you to see in Osaka only in mid-March when one of the five annual major tournament takes place here. Tickets are not easy to get, though.

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