Request Form, Guide/Language Assistance Services

We now request guide/language assistance services, which Osaka SGG Club can provide under the Terms and Conditions as shown in " How to request our Guide/Language Assistance Services ".

(※) Please note that all fields followed by "※required" are mandatory.

In case you could not send your Request Form for some technical reasons of your computer system or an error has occurred on the server; send your request by e-mail. click here to get direction.

1. Date of this writing (Not the dates you need guide)※required

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3. Language of the Service ※required

4. Date of Service & Program

4-A Date ※required
(Specify full day, morning or afternoon if you have such preference.)

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6. Contact E-mail adress※required
(Tell us where to contact for the purpose of the service either in Japan or in your country)

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7. How to contact a person, if any, requesting our service on behalf of the visitor.

8. Tell us the last date we can reach you at the above contact address.

9. Your hotel or any other type of accomodation in Osaka.※required
(Our goodwill guide service may not be for you in case we are not told where you stay.)

10. Tell us, if any, of your specific eating habit or physical problem the OSGGer guide should know.

11. Do you mind if an additional OSGGer to come along with OSGGer guides as a trainee/assistant?
You are not supposed to pay for such a trainee/assistant all these actual expenses which we ask you to pay for the guides.※required

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