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Naomi Haga President of OSGGNaomi Haga
President of OSGG

2018 has been another a little less busy year for the 36-year old Osaka SGG Club. Still, more and more visitors who shared wonderful time with us kept writing us how good our goodwill guides were for them. Some even agreed to visit each other! We are encouraged and well prepared to meet more inbound visitors in 2019 as the Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 in autumn are coming.
Let’s see how these visitors and our guides enjoyed touring together!

Again thank you very , very much for guiding us today and showing us the beautiful Kyoto. Please give me a call if you visit Manila and we will be your guide when you are there.

We had a wonderful time. We wouldn't have been able to be the same Kyoto visit without you.

He is very knowledgeable and informative and we really enjoyed our time with him in Osaka. We appreciated the historic culture of the castle and the temple and the contrast of the Namba district. We will be pleased to recommend the SGG to our family and friends.

All day was filled with wonderful information about your beautiful, buzzing city. We enjoyed your stories of your history and culture and continued kindness in making our stay so meaningful. From the outset you were so efficient even with emails before we arrived.

Belle journée avec vous et votre dame. Les photos très belles. Le départ approche.
Un dernier thé. Pour le monsieur c’est bien de demander la permission avec l’adresse. Respect et salutation à ce monsieur. Matane à .bientôt Le JAPON grand pays a mon coeur.

I really had a good time in Osaka, thank you very much, specially our time at the Izakaya. We had so much fun that Dina and I are now thinking of maybe going back again next year 😊, if God and our budget will permit.

Marylou sends her thanks for your special birthday gift to her - serenading her with your harmonica. I am also sharing with you below some photos of the beautiful Wisteria in Manyoh Gardens in Nara.

We look forward to receiving you and family in Singapore if you ever decide to visit Singapore after your husband retires!

Nos ha encantado!! Eres un guía fenómena Ahora ya estamos en el tren de vuelta.
Estamos muertos! Pero ha valido la pena. Muchisimas gracias por todo!!! Estamos en contacto y te esperamos en Barcelona.

We saw so many places and having them as our guides made it so easy for us and we enjoyed the explanations of what we were seeing. It’s hard to decide what we enjoyed the most because we enjoyed everything, especially their company. We learned about each other and my husband and Makky even found out that they both enjoy mountain climbing. Visitors to Osaka will be lucky if they have them as their guides. We think we have made two friends now in Osaka.

You were so well prepared. We would have never found places like Kurumon Market by ourselves. Osaka Castle was magnificent.

As tourist to Osaka, we have been conditioned to think that there is very little to see and experience in Osaka. So we stay a few days and proceed on to other "more exciting" places. Thank you so much for debunking that myth. Through your expert guidance you have revealed to us Osaka's charm and beauty not only in the sites and experiences but most of all the kokoro of the people.

The family is really grateful for your time, patience & help throughout the day as you guide us to the highlights of Kyoto and the fish market we were keen to check out in Osaka ! Travelling around in the different train lines and trains is really fun and great experience. We think that is such a great way to move around and see the places in Osaka & Kyoto!

All these wonderful experiences are here for you. Now what else do you need to know before you fill out Request Form and book flight to Osaka?

Even if you have to be on your own in Osaka, you will discover Osaka is quite visitor-friendly. English, Chinese and Korean are more widely used and understood than they used to be. People on the street are less shy than they used to be when you speak to them. Osaka started positioning street volunteer guides in distinctive blue wear in Namba area on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays、every week. They are happy to help you when you need to know directions.

# Useful for you to know to make travel plans.

Cherry blossom: Usually best in the first week of April in Osaka/Kyoto/Nara area, but could be earlier or later depending on the year. Check any of the many “cherry blossom” forecast websites with frequent updates. It could be somewhat earlier in 2019.

Holidays: Two extended holiday periods are “Golden Week” at the end of April and beginning of May as well as New Year holidays at the end of December and the beginning of January. Most of us have family commitments or travel plans making it less easy to find a guide for you. 2019 will be exceptionally holiday-rich year.
Maximum 10-day holiday from 28 April to 6 May to commemorate as Emperor Akihito abdicates and his Crown Prince Naruhito succeeds him.

Sumo: This traditional Japanese wrestling is for you to see in Osaka only in mid-March when one of the six annual major tournaments takes place here. Tickets are not easy to get, though.

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