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Funabiki Yasuyuki President of OSGG Funabiki Yasuyuki
President of OSGG

Osaka Systematized Good-will Guides Club (OSGG) was founded in December, 1982, under the auspices of Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). It is the oldest SGG club among roughly 90 clubs in Japan registered with JNTO. We, the members of OSGG, are all good-will guides hoping to provide comfortable traveling circumstances for foreign visitors and residents. We help them enjoy sightseeing, local food, etc. during their stay in Osaka by offering language assistance, in-depth knowledge, and information. Osaka and its surrounding areas abound in historic and cultural assets so much that you will be able to gain a rich experience and make a friendly interaction with us. Let's get to know each other.

Funabiki Yasuyuki
President of OSGG

●Thank-you notes from our guests

My wife and I would like to thank you for the tour today. We enjoyed it very much, and the places we went to were very interesting. The rainy weather added to the atmosphere of the tour, and did not bother us at all. You and your group are doing a great service to the tourism efforts of Japan! And thank you for the cards for our two oldest grandchildren. They will like these very much.

Gracias a ti por todas tus atenciones. Espero nos encontremos pronto en Veracruz, en Mexico, en Osaka o en cualquier otro lugar del mundo.

Thanks one more time for the very nice day with you in Osaka. We enjoyed your company and appreciated your guidance. We are impressed by how well you speak English and that you make so much time for volunteering on top of your job.

All were appreciated. You were a wonderful guide and I feel like I made a new friend in Japan.

It was a very interesting day for us and we had fun. Unfortunately we couldn't go to the sauna because of my friend's tattoos.

We enjoyed the fabulous day in Osaka that you organized for us very much indeed. Your attention to detail made the day the best we could imagine. The Okonomiyaki lunch will remain in our memory for ever.

We saw so many lovely places, and it was a bonus to have you as friends to show us the way. Also the shopping was fine, and we found a few small things to take back home for our daughters. And this is an invitation to both of you to visit us when you are in England. We would love to show you some of our sights.

It has been a great day, experiencing Osaka in a way we could never have done without your kind and effective support. Take care and hope we meet again one day. By the way crab was fantastic!

Thank you so much for making our trip to Himeji and Kobe such a memorable one yesterday. You made our trip so interesting and informative. Your warm personality made us feel very comfortable with you. You left us with such warm memories of Japan and of it's kind people. Before we returned to our hotel last night, we ate some okonomiyaki, kusikatsu and ice cream. What a good way to end a wonderful day.

We really have a good time yesterday with you at the Osaka Castle and Shitennoji Temple despite the rain and all. Overall, it was a "cool and chill" trip which are just right for us.The udon noodles we had as lunch is sooooo good and we have to thank you for recommending that place to us. Hopefully, we will be able to travel back to Japan in the near future and will surely keep in touch with you.
We proceeded to Don Quijote and there, you surely know what happened! Hahahaha.

They took us to Kyoto this morning - they very kindly rescheduled from Saturday due to the typhoon. We very much appreciated the service your organisation provides and we are overwhelmed by the generosity of your members to so freely and generously giving their time to do the volunteer guiding.

We will be forever grateful for the hospitality you have shown my parents. You made my parents and me so so happy. My parents can't wait to go back to Japan. Hopefully next my husband and I can meet you as well.

We really enjoy ourselves so much with you. My daughter was so exciting Monkey Park, deer and noodle museum. it’s really great seeing all the photos taken at cup museum as attached.

I am really grateful that you accepted my call for a local guide or my experience would not have been the same without you. Enjoyed your sharing about the intricacies of Japan and its history. Your itinerary was perfecrt even with the challenge of the unpredictable weather!

It is great opportunity to travel and while it is always good to look at the natural attributes of a country it is always very interesting to look at the customs and life of the people who live in those countries.

I cried when we visited the biggest Buddha because he was so welcoming and brought sooo much hope. I felt one with the world of people who were thankful of his warm embrace ... the whole place had such a good aura. Maybe the presence of many children added to the whole feeling. Because the children are our next generation.

Thank you for sharing yourself with us, for helping us to see the real Japan and welcoming us into your life. You are too generous with your time!!!
We had the best time with you! Thank you for taking us to the gardens, temples, and to the blacksmith.

My nephew and I went to Japan to see and experience Japanese culture first-hand and I would say that, having you as our guide made our trip all the more enjoyable. Like I mentioned to you, any tourist can go and see the wonderful sights by themselves but it is quite a different experience when there is somebody whom you can talk to and explain the history of the place. Also, kindly extend my gratitude to your fellow OSGG members.

Freut mich sehr von dir zu horen.
Es war auf alle Falle die bisher beste Tour von meinem Urlaub in Japan. Ich habe sehr viel gesehen und noch viel mehr gelernt. Diese Tour wird eine sehr schone errinerung werden. Und ich werde versuchen nachstes Jahr noch einmal einen Ulaub im schonen Japan zu verbringen!

For the most important part was having you to do a wonderful job to arrange our sight seeing destinations and provided us the interesting background information for the whole day. It definitely help us out to appreciate more for Japanese culture. Keep in touch and we thank again for the help.

Japan was a fantastic experience a wonderful combination of things to see and people. So I would be very happy to return to Japan once more.

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