How to Request our Guide/Language Assistance Services

We, Osaka SGG, Club provide foreign visitors who travel in Osaka or Kansai region (Kyoto and Nara included) with guide and language assistance services free of charge on the following conditions;

A Inquiry and request for our services

  1. 1)Please make inquiry or request by e-mail at least 2 weeks before the first day of your stay in Osaka.
  2. 2)You may also use the Request Form, Guide/Language Assistance Services as you will find in our website. All the personal information you may provide us will be treated as strictly confidential..
  3. 3)An OSGG guide service coordinator will then look for an OSGG member (OSGGER) who could be your guide and write you back by e-mail.

B Our goodwill guide service is not for you when:.

  1. 1)No OSGGer is available to match your specific request.
  2. 2)You do not agree to all or any of the conditions written here.
  3. 3)We are given less than 2 weeks before the first day of your stay in Osaka.
  4. 4)You are not staying in Osaka or unable to come to Osaka on your own to meet your OSGGer guide on the day of the service. Basically an OSGG service could be offered for your visit in Osaka and Kansai region onlywhen you should stay in Osaka

C Expected expenses to be paid by visitors

Our services are free of charge. Still, you are expected to pay the following actual expenses including
your OSGGer guide's expenses..

  1. 1)Cost of public transport for the OSGGer to travel between his/her home and the place of service.
  2. 2)Cost of travel during the service
  3. 3)Foods and refreshments during the service
  4. 4)Entrance fee, which may be needed for visits
  5. 5)Any other expenses

D Other conditions

  1. 1)We do not provide services for any commercial purpose.
  2. 2)Neither the OSGG nor the OSGGers to assist you shall be held responsible for any accident and/or damage during the service.
  3. 3)We do not provide services using private cars.including rented cars.
  4. 4)We do not provide service involving night tour and/or requiring overnight tour.
  5. 5)We expect you to come to Osaka on your own. We are not in a position to assist you for any travel arrangement to come to Osaka as we are no travel agents
  6. 6)We do not make bookings with hotels, restaurants, transport, theaters, etc. on your behalf as these usually involve payment.


  1. 1)We ask you not to cancel or change plans once you agree with the OSGG or with your eventual OSGGer guide without consulting the guide well in time. You will also understand that our service may become unavailable in case such change should be inconvenient to your guide.
    In any unfortunate case beyond our control (“force majeure” or “act of God”) when your OSGG guide should become unable to come to your guide as planned, OSGG would try our best to find an alternative guide solution for you. Should such efforts fail, please understand that you need to be on your own without guide. OSGG should of course try to minimize your inconvenience by giving you on line information about where and how to visit places, should you so wish.
  2. 2)Do not post or otherwise publish in any media the private information of your guide, such as name, telephone number ,e-mail address, etc. without prior consent of your guide.
  3. 3)In the case when you stay at non-hotel accomodations like Airbnb, you may be requested to meet your guides at a previously suggested place like visitors' information center, railway station or the lobby of well-known hotel.
  4. 4)In case any official warning of impending heavy storm such as typhoon should be issued, your guides may ask you to cancel or otherwise change the guide program.
    Look for an urgent announcement if any at our front page.
  5. Request Form
      After you read through this page and made your concrete travel plan, then write your Request Form, you can get the Form by clicking this link Request Form or in the left section of this page.  Please fill in the blanks and send it to us by e-mail..
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