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May, 2022

Dear Visitor,
We have actually decided to resume our guide activities as COVID-19 is getting under control and some of the Japanese government restrictions were moderated.
You may visit our website: (How to Request our Guide/Language Assistance Services) and submit your request form. However, COVID-19 has not ended yet or is still quite unpredictable, so we might decline your request or cancel once-promised tour guiding. An appropriate infection prevention measure during the tour is also requested on your part. We recommend that you update yourself with coronavirus-related information on OSAKA INFO website:

All the best!

Osaka SGG Club

We now request guide/language assistance services, which OSGG can provide under the Terms and Conditions as shown in " How to request our Guide/Language Assistance Services ".
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In case you failed to send your Request Form for some technical trouble of your computer or on the server, send your request by e-mail. Click here to get direction.

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*We need at least 10 days to select your guide from our members.

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*You are not supposed to pay for the trainee/assistant. We ask you to pay for your guide(s) only.


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